6 Rules For Shaping Your Dashboard

When shaping your dashboard, it is important to pay attention to presentation of informations that you have. Purpose of a dashboard is to show informations that are useful for a user  to make some action.

In this post we will write about some rules and principles that will make your dashboard look better.

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What Is Website Check And How It Could Help Your Website? Pt1

Website check is one of the main checks that you need to make when publishing your website. This check must be done professionally and in detail.

Last thing you want is to have a list of problems and bugs to fix after you published your website. In two articles we will make a list of things that must be checked before you publish your website.

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Google AdWords

The purpose of this article is to explain certain terms and tools that are used in Internet marketing to someone that is new in that kind of business. To be more specific, in this article I am going to tell you everything that you need to know about Google AdWords, Google’s advertising tool with which you can pay/buy ads which will help you to put your site high on search pages.

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Why Do I Need A Niche Website?

Find out why is the Niche Website one of the best and easiest ways to earn money!

For those who don’t know, lets start with explaining what a Niche website really is.

A Niche website is a site that focuses on a particular product or issue. For example, a site that focuses on travel guides is a niche site.

The purpose of these sites is to provide information for a specific people. Now, lets get back to travel guides;  that kind of site is going to provide information for people who are traveling and looking for places to eat, see, or visit.

Normally niche sites are built with the aim of providing information to the reader and monetizing that traffic using affiliate links.

For example, most of the websites that take part in Amazon affiliate marketing are niche websites. Below are some of the benefits of building a niche website.

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Building Your Website? 5 Reasons To Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the most common platforms to build your website on. It’s used by both freelancers and large companies. The open source blogging platform powers both small brands and big brands like CNN.

They offer some great features to support new and established bloggers. Here are 5 reasons why you should use WordPress platform to build your website.

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