What Is Database Marketing?

Database marketing is a process of direct marketing to a bigger number of buyers, in a way that communication is personalised and relevant for every person, unlike the undifferentiated mass marketing. In the centre there is modern CRM system, which strives to integrate all the data we have, to give a better service to users and also to increase their value and decrease the speed consumption.

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Key Of Relevance In E-mail Marketing

What is the key of relevance in e-mail marketing? It is basically a cognition of your buyers interest. Generally, e-mail marketing is a search for relevancy. Relevant e-mail will be read and will make money, but an irrelevant e-mail is going to junk or worse – can make a user to withdraw subscription.

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Ways To Build Traffic And Boost Your Income With Affiliate Marketing

If you already operate a website, or plan on starting one, incorporating affiliate marketing can be an effective way to further monetise the website. In order for your affiliate marketing program to be successful, you must know and incorporate the right information. This article contains suggestions that have helped others in their efforts.

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Create A Fast Loading Page!

When working on the user experience, one of the factors that you should consider is the loading time of your website. A fast loading website has so many benefits to user experience, conversion rates, reputation and search engine rankings.

However, many webmasters work on all the elements of a site but never bother to test the site speed. All the elements may be working well, but if the speed is slow, you will not get maximum benefits from your website.

This article highlights some of the reasons why a fast website is an asset to your business.

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Google AdWords For Affiliate Marketing

Promoting your affiliate marketing website on Google AdWords is a lucrative online venture for smart internet marketers who know how to generate leads without violating the policies of AdWords.

Affiliates who are generating conversions from Google AdWords operate very cautiously to avoid being banned from the platform. Google doesn’t want to be associated with problematic messages or false advertising showing up on their SERPs.

Furthermore, Google doesn’t want to compromise on its revenues from paid advertising by allowing their hard earned visitors to access irrelevant ads that are often posted by rogue affiliates.

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This Is Why You Should Use A Good Question Generator Tool

It is now common SEO practice to use questions in your content as this is more relateable for your readers. But coming up with common questions that your readers might want answers to can be difficult and time consuming. Thankfully this can be made easier if you use a good question generator tool such as Answer The Public.

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Which Traffic Is Better For Conversions?

When it comes to search traffic, deciding whether to invest in organic SEO or paid search is not always an easy decision. The answer depends on various factors including budget, audience behavior and your marketing goals. So, how do you choose between free traffic vs paid traffic.

Each method has its strengths and weaknesses. Organic or free traffic requires ample time and top-notch SEO strategies to propel your site to the first page of search results. Paid traffic, on the other hand, propels your site above organic results, thus increasing its visibility.

Here are some tips to help you decide which method is better for you.

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