How Does Pinterest Make Money?

Pinterest – a new social network is dragging more and more attention. Maybe it is because of a fantastically fast grow (from 1,6 million users in September to almost 11 million users in February) which reminds me of Facebook grow, or because of the huge number of site views and generating web traffic bigger than Google +, YouTube an Linkdeln.

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Useful tips for effective Facebook marketing

Firstly, we need to accept the fact that traditional marketing is not an only solution that we have these days. Most of the people use Social media to market themselves. Therefore using effective Facebook marketing has become extremely important.

Social media marketing has become very popular on Facebook. The amount of Facebook users have grown considerably over recent years. For you to use effective Facebook marketing, you need to be conversant with all of Facebook’s unique opportunities. You also need to be aware of how these opportunities are different from other media platforms.

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Promote Your Buissness By Using Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest social news platforms in the world today. It gives users an opportunity to vote and discuss content submitted by others. Posts and comments that generate more upvotes receive a wider audience compared to those with downvotes. Let’s discuss how to use Reddit to promote your business.

With millions of daily visitors, Reddit can be a powerful tool for promoting your product or services. However, before you can take advantage of this platform to market your business you need to understand how it works.

So, how can you use Reddit to promote your business? Here are some tips to get you started.

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3 Most Popular Niches On Instagram

A you already know the world is full of so called Instagram Influencers, which means that you no longer need a website to have a online business, the only thing you need is Instagram. Here are the most popular niches on Instagram:


This is most popular and favourite niche on instagram. So probably now you are wondering how is someone earning money from this niche? You can post, for instance, a picture of an exotic destination and you can easily receive a high number of clicks and shares.

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