What Is Database Marketing?

Database marketing is a process of direct marketing to a bigger number of buyers, in a way that communication is personalised and relevant for every person, unlike the undifferentiated mass marketing. In the centre there is modern CRM system, which strives to integrate all the data we have, to give a better service to users and also to increase their value and decrease the speed consumption.

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6 Rules For Shaping Your Dashboard

When shaping your dashboard, it is important to pay attention to presentation of informations that you have. Purpose of a dashboard is to show informations that are useful for a user  to make some action.

In this post we will write about some rules and principles that will make your dashboard look better.

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What Is Website Check And How It Could Help Your Website? Pt1

Website check is one of the main checks that you need to make when publishing your website. This check must be done professionally and in detail.

Last thing you want is to have a list of problems and bugs to fix after you published your website. In two articles we will make a list of things that must be checked before you publish your website.

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The Difference Between Digital And Internet Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term of marketing processes that are using all available digital canals for promoting a product or a service. Digital marketing is shown, in many cases, as a better and more efficient then traditional marketing. Many companies stopped using paper ads and began using PPC campaigns and other forms of digital marketing.

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