Why Google Doesn’t like us?

Many website owners are interested in the same questions: why Google does not like us? Why aren’t our search engine results better?

Firstly and mainly, quality on page optimisation of your websites matters. One of the key factors are quality articles. Don’t squeeze as many keywords as you can and don’t crib from others! Google likes naturalness in everything.

Bounce Rate will show you if your text has good quality. It is expressed in percent and it shows a percentage of your visitors opening also one of your pages (besides the one they came to). If Bounce Rate is for example 80%, it means that 80% visitors saw just one webpage and left, which is – in eyes of Google – very bad. Similar to Bounce rate is the amount time a visitor spent on your page, the more time they spend on your page, the better the rating.

We could write much about text quality, but, generally said, Google does not like just a sentence or two, but on the other hand, visitors doesn’t really like novels. So, go with the rule of “happy medium”.

Page Rank is mentioned as an important factor of SEO optimisation, which is not entirely correct. You can have pretty high Page Rank but be on a 100th place on Google search page. Page Rank just sums the quality and quantity of links going to your webpage numerically. Simplified: PageRank is one of the many important SEO elements.

The biggest punishment is that you get banned from Google. It happens when you use various prohibited methods to increase rating. Just then you can say that Google really doesn’t like you!