How To Check If E-mail Address Exists?

How many times did it happen that an email message that you sent was not delivered? There are many reasons for that. Generally, the kind of emails that are not delivered, we categorise as “bounce” email messages.

Bounce Rate or Delivery Rate are most commonly used in email marketing.  The percentage of undelivered emails on your mailing list should be less then 2% and that is called soft+hard bounce. It means that your delivery rate is above 98%.


There are two types of “declined” emails: had and soft. When we are talking about “hard bounce” emails, there are many reasons why the message is not delivered:

 – email address does not exist

 – domain does not exist

 – email server blocks delivery

In first case, email address that you sent your message to, simply does not exist anymore. Maybe the person changed companies and the email is gone.

The second reason is that the domain does not exist, which means if you sent and email on the domain is not registered (does not exist) and your email can’t be delivered. 

Thirdly, email server blocks email delivery because of the various boundaries and filters that system administrator placed.

Soft bounce” reasons:

 – recipient’s inbox is full

 – email server is offline

 – email is “too big”

There are a lot of email users that are not “cleaning” their mailbox, so it gets full. Then you have a problem because you can’t send an email. My recommendation is to delete email messages from server.

If there is a problem on a server where your email address is placed, and that server is currently offline, email message will not be sent.

Sometimes, email can’t be delivered because the email is “too big” or too many attachments that someone wants to send you. On the other hand the system administrator limited the size of a mailbox, and if email does not fit into it, it won’t be sent.


To check if email exists or not, go to service EmailHippo.

Enter an email address that you want to check and click on “Check”. After a few seconds, you will get a result. The only boundary is that you only can check 20 mails daily, which is more than enough.