What Is Website Check And How It Could Help Your Website Check Pt2

As promised in this article we will discuss about website problems and how you can solve them.


If you notice that your website has a problem that includes any of parts that are listed in the previous article, we recommend to write down problems and find a solution.

A good configuration of your Web pager, does not only mean a great user experience for all your visitors, but, also better SEO results. We recommend HTML validator start up on your web page, just to be sure that you do not violate the code.

However, damaged HTML codes will show up often, because even an experienced programmer can make these small mistakes. Browsers usually interpret invalid HTML in different ways; while some can show your page, despite of your code malfunction, some of them maybe will not properly display your page and that could affect your conversion rate.

Slow web page loading is also one of the common problems discovered when testing web sites. In most cases, web page is loaded really slow which results in higher landing page bounce rate. There are many solutions of this problem, depending on your page condition.

Basic things you can change to get faster page loading:

SERVER – Check your server possibilities and change hosting package if needed

COMPROMISE HTML – use Gzip or any other softer that will compromise HTML reaction, which results in faster page loading

CSS – optimise CSS for faster page loading

JAVASCRIPT – disable JavaScript loading until all other files are loaded

IMAGES – change image size if it is too big and are slowing your website

There are a lot of tools for checking your website speed. It will help you improve your website.

BROKEN LINKS can also make lower conversion and bounce rates on a landing page.

We suggest to check your website and find all the broken links and 404 pages. For that you can use Ahrefs webs page analysis. After web browsing is over, you will get a detailed info on all the problems that are found. You will definitely increase your SEO by solving that problems and make user experience even better.

WEBSITE CHECK can save a lot of time. Always check if all the key elements of Website check are tested before you publish your website.

Once your content and URL’s are well shaped and clear for web crowlers and index tools, it is certain that you will have a good conversion and bounce rate.

Make a detailed report after making a web page. That reports are really useful for later content and web page reviews. It will help you to distinguish how your page develops and also, in which direction.