What Is Website Check And How It Could Help Your Website? Pt1

Website check is one of the main checks that you need to make when publishing your website. This check must be done professionally and in detail.

Last thing you want is to have a list of problems and bugs to fix after you published your website. In two articles we will make a list of things that must be checked before you publish your website.


While technically checking your website, also check if there are crucial elements that need attention. Then you can easily organise checks of activity according to that key elements.

This is the list of crucial elements that you need to check after you make your website:

URL Structure – check the other websites URL’s Structure that are on your website. Check if that URL’s are well structured, without any unnecessary symbols. Example of a good structured URL: www.example.com/page. Example of a bad structured URL: www.example.com/d?=148

Google Analytics – as said in previous article, check if Google Analytics is correctly configured for your website.

Google Search Console – check if GSC is set and connected to Google Analytics.

Google Sitemap for XML – make sure that Google Sitemap XML is regularly generated and configured on GSC.

Schema.org – Check if your content is defined with micro data from Schema.

Favicon – Do not forget to check if the right Favicon is set up for your website, if not shown properly check the loaded Favicon sizes.

Forms – Check if every form on your website works well and if they send emails on the right email address.

Language Code – check if language code is set up correctly on your website.

404 Website – check if the 404 page is shown correctly.

Meta description – Check if every page has customer meta description.

H1 – check if H1 label is used properly on each content.

Page Loading Time – test your website page loading time. Slower loading has negative consequences on user experience and SEO.

RSS – Check if your RSS works correctly.

Search Bar – if you have a search bar on your website, check if the content search works correctly.

Alt Text – check if published photos have appointed text description.

Text Style Check – check if the size and font type that you choose are the same on all pages.

Social Media Compatibility – check if your content is compatible for sharing on Social media and test in which form is shown there.

Devices Compatibility – check how your website works on various devices.

Browsers Compatibility – check your website on various browsers. If some of the main components didn’t pass the test, you need to check what is causing that problem.

That’s all for now, in the next article we will cover Website Problems.