How to drag more traffic to your blog

The way you communicate and structure your content is very important for dragging attention and interest on social media and it is also important for increasing organic traffic from search engines.

You can get a better content structured web traffic on your blog or the companies website which is designed with a cause to increase range on social media and also organic traffic browsing.

Your content is going to be read by different people, and the choice of reading a certain article is different from reader to reader. Your task is to enable them to find informations that are crucial for them. The articles that you write have an effect when the reader gets your message. 

From title to final words, everything has to be written with a cause to improve SEO, drag readers, encourage them to comment, share, Like, re-tweet etc.


The cause of title is to drag readers to click on a read more link. Title is almost always first and the only thing that most of people will see from your content. If your title is not offering something worthy for your readers, the will not click on it. Title should be clear, so that readers can make an idea of what to expect if they click on it.

What is also important to say is that optimised title has a major role in dragging organic traffic from search engines. You need to pay attention to words that you are using in your title. Make sure that you use key words because it can play a major role for a content to be found on search engines. 

To have a perfect title you firstly need to do some research to determine which are the most common key words and phrases that people are using to search such content. After you are done with writing your article on your blog, get back to the title. In that way you will make sure that it fits your theme perfectly. If your title makes expectations that you did not fulfil in your content, people will not share it.


This is something that you need to pay attention to because it is commonly shown along the title in search results.

You will “sell” your content with introductory paragraph. It should be a thing that causes the readers to click and keep reading your article.

Make sure that your title and paragraph are working together on dragging people’s attention.


Pictures on your blog and content will give your readers a new dimension. Use pictures that will explain part of your content, give additional informations, intrigue your readers and other things that will encourage readers to stay focused.

Images are a visual tag of your content. They are something that people would love to share with their friends. Images, as a medium for dragging organic traffic and optimisation for Internet browsers are commonly forgotten. By giving an image a correct title and Alt tag, you will allow search engine to easily link picture with a theme. Images can direct web traffic to your blog by searching images and also be included in universal search results.

When we are talking about search engines image optimisation, Google is suggesting two options:

1. All pictures are located in just one folder

2. Use ordinary image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP


Convenient titles and subtitles in a text, together with adequate , not too long paragraphs make an article more readable. Most readers have a hard time reading “thick” article with enormous paragraphs of text and with too many subtitles which are dividing it to certain parts. Make smaller paragraphs and add titles and subtitles to divide article and make it easier to read.

Google is taking SEO keywords and phases that are used in H1, H2 and H3 titles, emphasising the more than the rest of the content. 


Every article on your blog should have references and links to other people, products or services. By that, you are showing exposure to others in your article, which makes your site a desirable destination to visit.

Here you have a use from SEO aspect, because Google is not only looking in your incoming links but also on outgoing links. If you do not have outgoing links, Google will start doubting in you and your optimisation.

Last but not least, make a research on ways that are best for you to share your content. Content is a magnet that will drag search engines, but it is also a crucial part of social sharing when we talk about social media. By bonding and hanging out with like-minded people can be good for your ultimate goals. Now that you have all informations, make sure you get familiar with optimisation for social media.