Types Of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs became one of the most popular ways with which many people make money online. Earning money with Affiliate programs is a simple process. It’s about promoting someones product on your website and making money by taking provision based on every published post that is archived by mediation, affiliate link that is on your website. There are many types of affiliate programs, and some of theme are following:

Pay Per Sale – with this affiliate program you are payed for every sale that you can generate. If a visitor comes to a site of salesman by an affiliate link that is on your site and buys something, you get a percentage of that sale. This type of affiliate program is mostly based on provision.

Pay Per Lead – with this affiliate program you get an one-off fee for leading a customer to a sellers site. You usually make from 2 to 5 dollars for a visitor which will be asked to fill a poll or application.

Pay Per Click – with this affiliate program, you are payed for every visitor that you can send to a sellers site with the help of a banner or text link, no matter if a customer buys a product or not. Trading companies usually pay from 0,3 to 0,45 dollars per click.

Flat Fee Affiliate – with this program, paying is based on onward specified sum for every visitor, which will make at least one buy or make any other transaction with a seller, no matter how big the transaction will be.

Single Tier Program – with this program, paying is based on direct transactions (those who are generated by an affiliate). Your earnings as an affiliate will depend entirely on a number of product and service sales that you can make and how many visitors you can sent to a seller website.

Two Tier Program – this program is double rewarding an affiliate. Paying is based on transactions which are made by affiliate but also by bringing new affiliates in the program

Multi Tier Program – in case of multi-tier program, sellers are rewarding partners that are in a possibility to bring other affiliates on several levels.