Top Brand Items Promoting with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has quickly become one of the most common means of earning money online. Established affiliate marketers are earning thousands of dollars each month through commissions and other bonuses. However, did you know that you can also promote top branded items with affiliate marketing?


The reality is, promoting items from well-known brands will significantly reduce your target numbers. This is one of the main reasons why most people avoid this market segment.

Promoting products such as cars, designer shoes or watches means you will end up with fewer sale numbers compared to someone who is marketing Kindle eBooks.

So, why should you opt for top branded products instead of taking the easier route? Well, the secret behind this move is that companies in this category tend to pay higher commissions to affiliate marketers.

Earning even 10% on a product that costs thousands of dollars equates to a hefty commission. Therefore, making a single sale per week is enough to cover your marketing costs and make a decent profit when compared to a marketer who makes hundreds of sales per day promoting cheaper items.

As you can see, the trade-off is worth it, both in your time and money.


Marketing high-end products is not as hard as it first appears. You just need a clear idea of your target market.

For instance, if you promote luxury watches, then you should target watch enthusiasts, since these people have enough money to fund their hobbies. In addition, they will not mind spending on such a product despite its high price tag.

As long as you have your target market in mind and you know where to find buyers, it will be easy to promote your website on blogs or forums where the rich hang out or discuss their purchases.

Marketing high-end items is even easier compared to lower-priced items since you already have a target market of people who are ready to spend money. Furthermore, the competition is lower when compared to promoting more commonly bought or cheaper products.


Most affiliate marketers who operate in this market segment agree that it’s more reliable. Consumers who spend on these products usually have a high disposable income.

The market is larger than most people believe. Even when there is a financial crisis, there will always be people who are ready and willing to make a big purchase. You could even end up supplying a celebrity with a high-end product.


Most people don’t associate affiliate marketing with top branded items in any way. They assume that affiliate marketing is only meant for cheap products that people promote just to earn a small side income.

However, thanks to the technological evolution and increasing consumer trust you can now promote luxury goods through affiliate marketing. When done right, affiliate marketing for top branded products is one of the most profitable market segments you can choose.