Promote Your Buissness By Using Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest social news platforms in the world today. It gives users an opportunity to vote and discuss content submitted by others. Posts and comments that generate more upvotes receive a wider audience compared to those with downvotes. Let’s discuss how to use Reddit to promote your business.

With millions of daily visitors, Reddit can be a powerful tool for promoting your product or services. However, before you can take advantage of this platform to market your business you need to understand how it works.

So, how can you use Reddit to promote your business? Here are some tips to get you started.


Once you join Reddit you should take a little while to learn how the system works. Avoid any form of marketing or promotion at this stage. Reddit is not your conventional marketplace and the community doesn’t like members who are self-promoters.

Instead, you should first focus on contributing to the community. By genuinely participating in discussions on the forum and submitting content that is not connected to your business, you will have a good understanding of how the community works.

It will also help you to establish a positive reputation. By the time you decide to self-promote, you will have already established a powerful audience and following. This will make it easier to market your goods or services.


If you start having some success on this social sharing platform, it’s advisable to remain grounded and avoid greed. The Reddit community is one of the smartest you will ever come across.

Therefore, they can easily tell when someone is over-promoting a brand or a website. If the community finds out that you are solely using the platform for marketing, the chances are high that your account will be disabled.

Any Reddit user can view your post history by clicking the username on your profile. If your post history only contains links to one website, you will be called out for spamming the site and you may be banned.

To avoid this situation, for every ten posts ensure at least 8 are not linked to your business in any way. If you are consistently adding valuable content, then the community will not mind self-promotion occasionally.


If you want to use Reddit as a marketing platform, then you need to create a network of people with similar interests. There are high chances that some of your friends are already on Reddit.

Use their links and connections to expand your reach. Your friends can also guide you on how to navigate the platform, since they understand how the community works. If you establish a powerful network it will be easy to generate karma points, thus increasing your reputation on the platform.

You need to note that if you don’t have votes, then your posts will not get to the first page of the platform. And if they don’t get there, they will not receive the intended publicity. Therefore, create and join networks and you will find it easy to generate votes for your posts.


Reddit is a great resource for information as well as marketing. Its community is composed of people with different interests, thus making it easy to find your match.

Reddit may appear confusing especially if you are new. However, once you learn how to use Reddit, you will find it more effective than most marketing platforms.