Create A Fast Loading Page!

When working on the user experience, one of the factors that you should consider is the loading time of your website. A fast loading website has so many benefits to user experience, conversion rates, reputation and search engine rankings.

However, many webmasters work on all the elements of a site but never bother to test the site speed. All the elements may be working well, but if the speed is slow, you will not get maximum benefits from your website.

This article highlights some of the reasons why a fast website is an asset to your business.


The first reason why you should have a fast loading website is to avoid a penalty from Google. The search engine may penalize your website causing a drop in search engine results if your pages are loading slowly.

You can make use of Google’s free PageSpeed Tool to check the speed of your site. The tool analyses the performance of your website both on desktop and mobile. Additionally, you will get some insights on how to improve the speed of your website.

Additionally, site speed is one of the ranking factors that the search engines take into account. Google for instance compares the page speed for different sites when determining which will rank highest for a certain search term.

Thus, if you are trying to rank for a search term in competition with another page and that page happens to have a better site speed, Google will give them a priority. Thus, as you work on other ranking elements, don’t forget to work on the page speed too.


A website that loads fast normally experiences better conversion rates compared to ones that load slower. This is because the page will have lower bounce rates.

However, if the site speed is slow, many visitors will leave the site and use the competitor’s site instead. Thus, a slow loading website may be one of the reasons why you are losing most of your customers to other businesses.

Improving the speed of your website can bring a big boost to your conversion rates. The relationship between site speed and conversion rates is something that has been tested by famous online stores Amazon and Walmart and produced positive results.

By improving your site speed, you reduce the bounce and cart abandonment rates and boost the conversions, sales and revenue for your business.


Customers appreciate sites that load fast and thus are more likely to visit the site again in future. If the page takes too long to load, visitors will have a bad experience and will keep off the site the next time.

Thus, improving the load speed of your site is one of the ways to keep your customers satisfied so that they will happily come back to your website.


These are some of the benefits that you get by having a fast loading website. Thus, when your site is live, ensure that you test the speed and work on any elements that may be causing it to load slowly.

Examples of factors that can slow down your website include hosting, database, code and lack of browser caching, among others.