This Is Why You Should Use A Good Question Generator Tool

It is now common SEO practice to use questions in your content as this is more relateable for your readers. But coming up with common questions that your readers might want answers to can be difficult and time consuming. Thankfully this can be made easier if you use a good question generator tool such as Answer The Public.


Answer The Public is one of the best question generator tools currently available. Although it’s an automated tool, it uses the same process as Google auto-complete.

It identifies various topics for content using the search query you have typed. It will then display the results according to various categories such as how, why, what and other variations.

You can then select the questions you want to use in your content. This online tool is free. It can also generate hundreds of questions depending on your search query. The questions it provides are a clear indication of what people are searching for in search engines.


If you struggle to come up with ideas or topics for blog posts you’ll find this tool invaluable. You just need to type a query into the search bar and then click search.

It will then give you hundreds of keyword phrases which you can use to come up with blog posts or article. However, Answer The Public doesn’t show search volume. Therefore, you need to combine it with other tools to determine the right keywords for your posts.

Also, if you are looking for ideas to post on social media or questions to ask your followers, then this tool will do the job. Coming up with these questions requires time and effort.

Furthermore, if you are selling products or services, this tool will give you a clear idea of what your target customers are searching for. You can then tailor your content accordingly to target this traffic.

Another benefit of using this tool is that it provides an accurate way of targeting your website content according to the keywords you intend to use. In today’s age of user-targeted content, coming up with articles or blog posts that your target audience will find relevant is not that easy.

For instance, a certain trend might be popular today but lose its relevance within a few weeks or months. Answer The Public gives you a clear idea of trending topics and the solutions that people are looking for.

Therefore, it’s your job as a blogger or online entrepreneur to address those issues and provide the solutions that people are seeking.


If you are looking for a reliable question generator, then Answer The Public will not disappoint. It makes it easier for you to create and share relevant content.