Improve The Quality Of Your Blog By Using A Favicon

A Favicon is a small image that appears on your browser tab or on a bookmark. Its like an image that gives your site a identity.

With this step you are not going to boost your buissnes or the functionality of your site, you can work without it but it sure will be an advantage to have it.

These are the benefits of uploading an icon:


With a Favicon your site is going to look more professional and the readers are going to feel confident when entering your website. Your design can be perfect but when you open a tab its going to look like something is missing.

Consider this factor when branding your website.


When someone has bookmarked your page it will be easier for him to identify your site. For instance, if a reader has bookmarked a number of pages, they can easily identify yours by looking at the small icon.

You will boost chances for someonee to visit your site and also make it easier for someone to find it.


The small icon on the browser gives your repeat visitors assurance that they are in the right place. It will help in differentiating your website from competitor’s websites or sites offering similar information.


Make sure that an icon that you choose reminds you of something that you are representing. For instance if you deal with makeup use lips or makeup brush for your icon.

Use a simple, unique and easy to recognise design. Your icon can be made by a freelancer on Upwork. If you are good ad designing yourself, use Favicon Generator to make it.