Want To Make Awesome Commisions? Become A Qliker Affiliate!

Qliker is a new platform in town that online marketers use to track different parts of their online businesses. But, they also provide a chance for affiliate marketers. If you are an affiliate and you want to have daily earnings, you should check out and join Qliker!

It gives you the opportunity to earn daily recurring commissions whenever you refer people to use this platform. You don’t even need to own a website since you can promote this program on different social media platforms.


When you join this affiliate program, you will need to wait out the one month trial period. Once this period has elapsed you can earning 100% commissions on all the payments your referrals make in the first month.

You can promote 4 plans which are:

Free plan 0$ which includes 500 clicks monthly

Starter plan for 8$/mo which includes 1000 clicks monthly

Advanced plan for 23$/mo which includes 10,000 clicks monthly

Professional plan for 45$/mo which includes 100,000 clicks monthly.

Payments are usually channeled to your PayPal account once you achieve the minimum threshold of $50. With this affiliate program you have a great opportunity of earning a recurring stream of passive income.

The amount you earn depends on the number of conversions. You can earn as much as you want as long as you are an aggressive marketer.



Guaranteed best performance when handling your clicks with help of latest web technologies for speedy processing. Optimized code and load balancing set NO LIMIT to the number of clicks we can process. Rely on our 99,9% uptime guarantee and continue your work worry free.


Their setup is compatible with any other service export format. The Integrated tracking code migration tool is used to identify on which URL on your website is old code to be replaced. Simple link duplication process will allow you to buy clicks faster from various locations and track it to its source.


QLKIR uses website tools for real-time link monitoring which will notify you on any encountered errors. If the url is not working, no clicks will be redirected to that source. Transparency is guaranteed when filtering clicks with option to redirect them on any location of your choice.


If you have any questions, QLIKER Premium Support is here to answer them all for you. Look for the right solution to your problem in the knowledge based section or feel free to contact them anytime on their QLIKER support forum.


Knowing your stats and analyzing the data can be crucial for your advertisement and marketing strategy. Avoid messed up statistics servers, wasted or unresponsive clicks and watch us increase your profitability easily and effectively! They make sure you get the most out of your each and every click.

Try out Qliker and get your daily earnings!