3 Most Popular Niches On Instagram

A you already know the world is full of so called Instagram Influencers, which means that you no longer need a website to have a online business, the only thing you need is Instagram. Here are the most popular niches on Instagram:


This is most popular and favourite niche on instagram. So probably now you are wondering how is someone earning money from this niche? You can post, for instance, a picture of an exotic destination and you can easily receive a high number of clicks and shares.

In purpose of that, you need to register a travelling agency and you are good to go. Post good pictures every once in a while and you will soon get a lot of followers.

Also, you can sell the products that are related to travelling niche such as tents, hiking equipment, fishing equipment etc. Make sure that you are posting good and quality pictures and you will have plenty of engagement.

Also, use hashtags that are relevant to the destinations you are promoting while listing proper descriptions and prices. While at it, make sure you create some curiosity around your destinations to ensure that potential customers inquire more about your packages.


This niche is popular all year long (except maybe fitness more when thanksgiving is over lol). People are always looking for help and advices when we are talking about skin or hair care or a healthy lifestyle.

You can easily garner a huge following on Instagram especially if you offer actionable solutions to the problems that people are facing. As you post content related to various issues, you can take that opportunity to market exercise equipment, supplements and other health products


This one is really simple. If you are good in colourmatching and designing you will easily post an eye-catching photo. Make sure that you have a good model, a great camera and a good content wording, so after that you will probably get a lot of customers.

Try not to limit your content on just clothes but put in some accessories such as handbags, hats or necklaces.

In that way you will increase your profits.


If you want to insure a successful buissnes on Instagram make sure that you invest in quality of your images, stay up to date with trends, and don’t make to many gaps between your posts. Good luck!