Building Your Website? 5 Reasons To Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the most common platforms to build your website on. It’s used by both freelancers and large companies. The open source blogging platform powers both small brands and big brands like CNN.

They offer some great features to support new and established bloggers. Here are 5 reasons why you should use WordPress platform to build your website.


Many people are hesitating when it comes to getting or making a website because it sometimes can complicated and hard. But thats not the case with WordPress. Everything is easy, as there is no coding involved. And if your budget is low, you don’t even need a web design expert.You don’t need any technical skill to set up and publish your articles, and your website is easy to maintain because the most of updates are automatic.


The second reason to use WordPress is THEMES. With WordPress you get so many themes to choose, whether its for a blog or a magazine, their themes are suitable for almost anything.

Additionally, you can get a number of plugins to boost the functionality and safety of your website. This makes it easy for people with little tech knowledge to customize their sites, keep them safe and offer the users the best experience.

SEO Friendly

The platform is SEO friendly and thus it will be easy to get your content to rank on the search engines. Most of the themes are also mobile friendly.

The majority of internet users are now using mobile devices and thus if your site is not optimized for mobile you will end up missing out on some good traffic. Most importantly, you will have access to free tools like Yoast SEO which will allow you to customize your content for search engine rankings.

Another useful plugin is the XML sitemap which allows you to submit the sitemap of your website to search engines for indexing.


Here’s another great option that WordPress gives you – Multi User Support.

For instance, if you have two more people that are working on your site you can add them as authors, so they can access the site to publish or edit something.  But, if you want to read or see the content before it is published you can add a person as a contributor, they can edit or write content but can not publish it.

Also, they have two more roles on WordPress: administrator or editor.

Before you assign roles, make sure you have people you can trust, especially in Admin position.


With a number of great features, ease of use and automatic updates, WordPress remains one of the best platforms for building your website. If you haven’t set up a website yet, consider giving it a try.

You can even practice setting up with the self hosted WordPress platform before you go ahead to secure paid hosting and a domain name.